Procedure for Working a PMA Username Deactivation

Doc ID    PR43
Version:    15.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    11/19/2021
Created Date:    02/11/2020


Part One - Senior Level 1
  1. Create a new Service Now ticket with the information listed below:
    • Template - AXSS L2 Escalation
    • Resolution categorization tier 1 - AXSS Service Desk (this should prefill)
    • Resolution categorization tier 2 - Security
    • Short description- Target Date xx/xx/xx Deactivate PMA user name
      • Note: The Target Date needs to be two business days from when your email is sent.
    • Description - Paste the original email deactivation request
  2. Access the PMA ID Deactivation e-mail template located in Box by following these steps: 
    • AXSS Analyst Team > STAR Techs > User Analyst Team > Outlook Templates > SR Level 1 templates > PMA ID Deactivation
  3. Compose a new e-mail to USW_Billing <> and USW_SPO_Needwork <> from USW_FIC_Star_Help_desk <> and paste the template into the body of the new email
    • Please include the below information in the e-mail:
      • User name and ServiceNow ticket number in the Subject line
      • User name in the body of the e-mail
  4. Copy the body of the e-mail and paste it in the Work notes section of the Service Now ticket
    • Note: This is under the Notes tab.
  5. Update the Assignment group to AXSS SRL1 without listing a name in the Assigned to field
  6. Click the Submit button
  7. Reply to on the deactivation e-mail
    • Type 'The user name contained a PMA and was escalated to be worked ASAP' in the body of the e-mail
  8. Move the e-mail request to the PMA folder under the Deactivations/Transfers folder
Part Two - Senior Level 1
  1. Once the e-mail is received that the PMA has been removed, please follow the steps below:
    1. Deactivate the user name in SAM
    2. Add a note stating 'e-email deactivated per ACM' (or the agent's name if the request came from an agent)
  2. Add a note in the ServiceNow ticket (Work Notes on the Notes tab)
    • Copy & paste the e-mail response that the PMA was removed along with who it came from
    • Also indicate that you deactivated the user name
  3. In the ServiceNow ticket, select your Name in the Assigned to field
  4. Click the Resolve button
  5. Move the completed e-mail response and the request from the PMA folder to the Completed Deactivations/Transfers 2021 folder under the Deactivations/Transfers folder

Note: If the e-mail response that the PMA was removed was only sent to you, send a copy to USW_FIC_Star_Help_desk  (for filing and tracking purposes).

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